The School of Business and Public Administration

The School of Business and Public Adminstration (SBPA) emphasizes a unique First Nations perspective in the fields of business management and public administration. Along with the necessary skills to work within the public and private sectors, the faculty ensures students have the most appropriate skills and experience to thrive in a world filled with ever growing diversity. The School of Business & Public Administration offers programs of study that will lead to the Bachelor of Administration (see Qualifying Program) and Diploma of Administration (see Qualifying Program) in partnership with the University of Regina (U of R) Faculty of Business. As well a Certificate in Hospitality, Tourism and Gaming Entertainment Management and a Certificate in Administration (Indigenous Management) is offered in partnership with the U of R’s Centre of Continuing Education.

The Bachelor of Administration program is designed to educate students for careers in management of either both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Students completing the Bachelor of Administration degree qualify to declare one major upon completion through the partnership between the School of Business and the U of R Faculty of Business.

Majors Available:


Professor – Dr. Bob Kayseas, Ph.D., MBA, B.Admn

Associate Professor – Dr. Bettina Schneider, Ph.D., M.S. 

Assistant Professor – Richard M. Missens, MBA, B.Admn

Assistant Professor – Jo-Anne Goodpipe, MHRD, B.Admn